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(GMT), Monday – Friday. No longer will portable interface stand for a starting point for your career, Antelope turned Zen Tour in a powerful tool for growing huge in the crazy music business! Antelope Launcher. The ZTSC supersedes Antelope’s original Zen Tour, and actually has a slightly less generous I/O configuration than its predecessor.

Connect it via Thunderbolt™ 3 or high-speed USB 2. MUSIKMESSE Antelope Audio ZenTour Published on 04/07/16. Touch & ControlRediscover your studio workflow with the advanced Zen Tour control. Antelope Audio’s unique and ever-expanding library of hardware-processed, low-latency audio effects is the largest of its kind.

Zen Studio+ is the successor to Antelope’s world-renowned professional portable interface Zen Studio. MenuIntroductionFeaturesLayoutContactsGlossary 1. Antelope Audio Zen Tour (rev. 0, install the custom-built drivers for Mac or Windows and enjoy low-latency performance. Thank you for purchasing the Zen Studio+ from Antelope Audio. A presentation of the Antelope Zen Tour, Live Clock & Goliath at Musikmesse.

Superb preamps, Routing capabilities, thick sound and super clean audio output, Amazing Post Compressors and EQs, hardware based like Reverb and Mastering. It does everything and has everything. Solution home User Manuals Thunderbolt™ & USB Audio Interfaces. With the advanced Zen Tour control options. This game-changing technology provides the interface with massive parallel processing capabilities, thus the lowest latency levels on the market. Antelope Audio FPGA Effects - User Manual.

Zen Tour is Antelope Audio’s brand new professional portable audio interface. Requested by our trusted users, it’s now available with all our Thunderbolt & USB or HD interfaces for free. All of Zen Tour’s features are controllable via its high-resolution touch screen. This short video is a comparison between the sound of Antelope audio Zen Tour ic chip mic pre and the new 6 transistor discrete technology preamp found in th. この度は、Antelope Audio の Zen Studio+ を ご購入いただき、誠にありがとうございま す。 Zen Studio+ は、Antelope のプロフェッショ ナルポータブルインターフェイス Zen Studio の後継機です。 拡張されたアナログとデジタ ルの接続性、12のワールドクラスのマイクプ.

Get in touch with us by the following means: European Direct Support Line:00 a. If it&39;s stated Rev. 2C-BOOSTER User Manual 16 pages. Zen Tour borrows the powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Antelope Audio’s top-selling pro studio devices. Zen Tour Synergy Core - User Manual Modified on: Fri, 21 Aug, at 8:05 AM. Hi Alex, it does say rev.

Antelope Zen Tour. Used in a smoke-free home studio. No thunderbolt or USB cables included. Antelope is offering not just a portable Thunderbolt™ & USB audio interface, but a pro piece, easily covering the needs of a small band. Zen Tour - User Manual Modified on: Wed, 19 Aug, at 4:41 AM. Zen Tour は、Antelope Audio の強力な Field-Programmable Gate Array(FPGA)を採用し ています。この技術は、大規模な並列処理能力と最低レイテンシーレベルのインタフェース を提供します。Zen Tour は Antelope の他の機器と同じようにスタジオ対応できます。もは. This has firmware version 2. Two of those can work in filter or.

(EST), Monday – Friday Online (live chat and e-mail) Antelope Audio Support Page. Antelope Audio recently put out a new batch of compressors and the vintage models look luxurious and the sound is sticky and gooey in the best possible way. Portable Thunderbolt™ and USB interface with 12 mic pres. Solution home User Manuals Thunderbolt™ & USB Audio Interfaces. you are using the 124 db version. Comes with the original box, interface, power supply and manual. The Zen Tour Synergy Core can fit into any set-up.

I believe there is a mo. Antelope Audio aims to up the ante in the desktop interface market with the Zen Tour Synergy Core. The following is a list of discontinued Antelope Audio products. Its extended analog and digital connectivity, 12 world-class mic pres and Antelope’s signature clocking are now accompanied by an evolving library of hardware-based vintage effects.

US time: 10:00 p. The portable audio interface can be also managed via the Antelope Audio’s Software Control Panel for OS X and Windows and via Android and iOS mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. In Zen Tour portability meets studio power like in no other device. Excellent condition. With only a single optical input and output, antelope audio zen tour manual the ZTSC is limited to a maximum of eight channels of ADAT expansion; a bigger loss, however, is the Zen Tour’s second pair of quarter‑inch monitor outputs, with. The Zen Tour cuts the need for all those things.

0 recording interface with a wealth of I/O and a spec sheet that rivals or surpasses other comparable desktop boxes in the current market. With an astonishing number of preamps, flawless clocking and conversion and intuitive control. Accessories Antelope ZEN TOUR Owner&39;s Manual Portable thunderbolt / usb audio interface (32 pages) Accessories Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy Core User Manual. Website: Zen Tour A king among portable interfaces | Antelope Audio Price : 1,570 € When Antelope Audio first announced the Zen series, I was a little skeptical about whether the market needed another small format Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface, especially one at this price point. Recording Equipment Antelope Zen Tour Owner&39;s Manual 32 pages Portable thunderbolt / usb audio interface Accessories Antelope ANTELOPE. The 12 world-class mic pres, Antelope’s signature clocking, the hardware-based effects with multiple monitor mixers and the proprietary low-latency USB make Zen a world-class mobile recording system, that can easily fit inside a.

The Zen Tour Synergy Core is a flexible interface, you can safely connect to any recording system while on tour or a studio session. Talkback function, allowing easy and fast communication between recordings artists, Zen Studio+ is the successor to Antelope’s the engineer and the producer. Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world&39;s best antelope audio zen tour manual private pro audio Classifieds for.

Thanks to an innovative networking control concept, you can now access all Zen Tour features. (PST), Monday – Friday European time: 06:00 a. The preamps on the Zen Tour are very clean with a great bottom end. Our proprietary FPGA and Synergy Core (FPGA + DSP) platforms enable fully accurate, component-level modeling of iconic studio gear, such as vintage EQs and compressors, classic microphones, landmark guitar amps. Zen Studio是專業的、可攜式音頻介面,和最具競爭力的模擬和數字連接 12世界級的前置麥克風,羚羊的特色時鐘,基於硬體的多監視器混頻器效果器和專有的低延遲的USB使 Zen 成為世界一流的移動錄音系統,可以輕鬆地裝進背包或裝備袋。.

Zen Studio is the professional, portable audio interface with the most competitive analog and digital connectivity. ) Thunderbolt/USB audio interface. on the owner’s manual antelope but I’m surprised that the there is nothing on the unit or software that indicates the 124db version. Having difficulties with the VEQ-HLF or anything else Antelope? Support By Phone. With more and more kitchen tables, practice spaces, hotel rooms, and other non-studio spaces becoming professional production facilities, the market is demanding more from its smaller-format recording solutions. It&39;s been an antelope audio zen tour manual year I got Zen Tour by Antelope Audio.

Zen Tour comes with 4 switchable Mic/Line inputs and 4 more HiZ/Line ins. Zen Studio+ world-renowned professional portable offers dedicated Reamp outs, making it a interface Zen Studio. It’s like Christmas every time Antelope announces a pack of goodies. The chips and clocking is all from the Orion Studio same specs & clock. Introduction Antelope Audio&39;s integrated EQ offers 5 fully parametric bands. Recording to a DAW with a Zen Tour - Demystifying the Antelope Control Panel with Alex. So both the producer and the recording artists can control Zen Tour. Lot&39;s of great i/o, very cool DSP.

“Compressor world is mad fun. The portable audio interface can be also managed via the Antelope Audio Software Control Panel for OS X and Windows and via Android and iOS mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Zen Tour is a device that will forever change portable audio interfaces.

We have 2 Antelope Zen Tour manuals available for free PDF download: Owner&39;s Manual Antelope Zen Tour Owner&39;s Manual (32 pages) Portable Thunderbolt / USB Audio Interface. (EET), Monday – Friday USA Direct Support Line:00 a. In order to identify your Zen Tour Revision, the easiest way is to check the User Manual inside of your box. PowerGate allows you to track audio from sources with unwanted background or ground noise. It has 2 headphone outputs, 2 re-amp outs, and even includes a built in TB mic.

The AD/DA of the Zen Tour is insane. Zen Tour borrows the powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Antelope Audios top-selling pro studio devices. This little thing is a real killer!

Antelope Audio: Zen Tour Synergy Core Interface Reviewed by Dana Gumbiner The Zen Tour Synergy Core system is an 18 x 24 (eight analog in and 14 analog out), quad DSP-enabled Thunderbolt 3/USB 2. PowerGate is Antelope Audio’s very first noise gate tool. Auto-Tune Synergy - User Manual. US Phone Number (916. The interface features an integrated from Antelope Audio.

Two reamp outs and a Talkback button on the front panel put it in zen the spotlight of portable interfaces.

Antelope audio zen tour manual

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